Every brand needs awesome content to engage their audience and create impact for their business.
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Audience Building & Video Views

Audience Building & Video Views

So you’ve created some awesome, audience inspiring content…..now how do you get people to look at it and engage with your brand.

Well, this is definitely hard to do and it’s something we’re…well…pretty stellar at.

It start with using the right tools.  Our social video team helped to build some of the most popular video management and video marketing tools around.  Ripplefire is at the heart of getting your video in front of more of your target audience.

Our approach however starts with creating some baseline metrics around your existing and target audience.  We set targets, strategies and tactics for increasing your audience.  This is a key part of your video consumption strategy.  You need to build your audience and maintain it so each video hits your target audience when you want it.

We have a bunch of tools, tricks and techniques to better engage your fans, get more views for your views and build a long-term audience.