Every brand needs awesome content to engage their audience and create impact for their business.
Social Pixels

Branded Content & Owned Media

Social Pixels wants to be your Branded Content maker.

What does this mean?

You want to engage your target audience with online, offline and word of mouth conversations.  The challenge will typically arise around creating content that your audience wants to consume versus content that is easy to publish.  And….that this desired content supports your message to the market.

Sounds complicated but the this is what we do.

We start our engagement with you by evaluating metrics and attributes about your target audience.  Like where they are, what they support, the kind of content they typically consume and other relevant details that will inform your branded (or owned) content strategy.  After all, if you are going to spend the money to talk to your audience, you might as well produce content they want.

The next exercise is about creating a content and audience engagement strategy.

Depending on your audience you will almost always want to connect with them more than once.  Makes mucho sense right?

Social Pixels will use the outputs from our audience work to create a content and audience building plan.  This will create line of sight to the how your audience will grow, the types of content (videos, tweets, brand pages and other stuff) that will create consumable content that supports your brands message.

Then depending on your internal resources, we pick up the ball and start running with it.  Generating videos with cool, informed guest from around the world, syndicating content across all of your social media systems and tracking impact, engagement and consumption.

Social Pixels is ready to start to work with you and your brand to create awesome branded content.