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Social Pixels

Live stream Your Event or Conference

Live stream Your Event or Conference

Expanding your event’s reach and life beyond the actual event is easy and cost effective.

Social pixels can make your offline event rock live on the your website, facebook page or wherever you want to embed it.

How does it work?  You have two options:

Option 1: Live Event, Press Conferences, Corporate Results or something like this.

Your organization may be announcing a new deal, program or financial results.  Or you may have a social event like a launch party that you want to scale out to a larger audience.

Our crack team will show up at your event with 1-3 cameras (depending on the need) and all of the other technological goodies to make your event live stream.  And we also record a version for posting to your Youtube Channel.

We also create the treatments to brand your video (openers, lower-thirds, etc), we help set up the broadcast, track the consumption details and make sure everything goes smooth so that you and your people look great.

Cost: $1500 per event + $500 for the graphical treatments

Extras:  We can also host your live stream session, interview people at the event and keep the flow going. 

Host Service: $500

Option 2: All Day Events, Industry Conference Media Broadcast

We take your all day event or industry conference to the next level and make it a media event for your entire audience or industry.

Think of having our media team at your event broadcasting from a media center.  This is just like having a studio on site.  We conduct interviews with your sponsors, executives, members, speakers etc.

We bring your conference and brand to more people and make it….pretty awesome!

We can add your brand your sponsor brand to the broadcast too.

Cost: $3000 per day (includes graphical treatments and hosting)