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Social Pixels

Remote Capture Social Video

Bring anyone to your audience

| Lead a conversation with your social media audience |

Great for industry associations, governmental lobby groups, public relations and brands wanting to create content for their social media strategy.

Social Pixels takes care of everything to produce near HD quality video interviews with your branding in real-time.  Why is this important?  It save time and money.  Think about being able to produce 20 videos a year with each video only taking about an hour to produce.

We take care of putting in all the cool spinning logos and visual effects. You lead the conversation with a guest contributor.  The result is your audience connecting with your message and brand in easy to consume video.  This approach even allows you to produce your own internet style show (sample: 52 Week Low).

Your videos can be automatically published up to YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Linkedin Groups, plus any other social media applications you are using.

Couple all this capability with a cost point ranging from $690 to $2490 per segment and you’ve got the makings for an awesome social media marketing content strategy.

Interview Style Videos are produced by Social Pixels in real-time

Video Interview Video Samples | Fast, Professional and Effective